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Special Event Makeup - $75
Prom Makeup - $50
Instructional- $35

Wedding makeup
Trial - $75
Bride - $90
Bridesmaid/mom - $60
Lashes - $10
Travel - $75

Makeup Party
Bring your friends and join us for a fun night of makeup!
Step by step instructional demonstration will be provided along with light refreshments.
$30 per attendee (minimum 5 attendees).

For more information and how to book please call the studio at (508)455-2243 or email


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Seint Make Up

Seint's customizable palettes have inspired thousands of women to recognize and celebrate their own beauty, gain confidence, and radiate positivity. 

Seint is the make up brand we use for our clients in wedding and prom sessions as well as our make up classes. 

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